What you get

We comprehensively carry out finishing works in the field of interior design.

In response to frequently asked questions and to meet the expectations of our clients, we are expanding our business to include comprehensive ‘TURNKEY’ interior finishing. If you are looking for a reliable company, avoiding the hassle of dealing with 10 different professionals and saving unnecessary time and nerves, we will take care of your home from start to finish.

The basic scope of our offer includes:

  • Laying tiles, terracotta, porcelain, and mosaic
  • Laying natural stones such as marble, granite, and others
  • Construction of stairs using the mentioned materials as well as natural and artificial stones
  • Waterproofing of shower areas and places most exposed to water
  • Installation of fixtures (sinks, Geberit, faucets, bathtubs, ready-made shower cabins, concealed sanitary sets)
  • Construction of enclosures for straight and oval bathtubs and shower trays
  • Acrylic coating and silicone sealing of necessary areas to complete the work
  • Consultation regarding the selection of appropriate materials and technological solutions.

Are you interested in our offer? Feel free to contact us.

If you do not wish to use our services, for a small fee, we can prepare a cost estimate and a complete list of the necessary materials for your bathroom or apartment before any prior inspections.

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For every budget

Our proposals are tailored to various needs and financial capabilities of the customer.

Timely implementations

We guarantee meeting the agreed-upon deadline.

Highest quality of execution

When providing tiling services, we pay attention to the smallest details.

You have a choice

You decide how you want the project to look.

Liability insurance

Our insurance protects customers from the consequences of unfortunate events.

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